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It is important to relax, preventing most city residents face today with the stressful lifestyle. , The real burden on the economy, however, means that it can also be very careful, your budget when planning your vacation. But with a little strategic planning, you can not just totally exciting vacation, but can with a very affordable international think too much budget. Provides here are chosen so sensational holiday 10 of the best and least expensive countries.


Indonesia explores a picturesque and exciting country. The rich heritage and magnificent monuments of the country are competing with extreme accessibility of rental. Yu can explore the many beautiful islands of Indonesia and planning a short stay in one of them. Moreover, simply head to Bali, the most popular islands of Indonesia. You can explore the many temples and beautiful beaches. You can find quality accommodation for as little as $ 10 in Ubud (cultural center of Bali) per night.


Gambia is the smallest country in continental Africa. However, if you are looking for a great adventure on a budget, this is a country of destination apt. For as little as USD 1, you can check baboons and chimpanzees in the famous national park of the river. Sanyang Beach looks calm and you should find a lot of places to stay in this area.


If you want a rich culture, go to India and experience a rich dishes of national heritage. The range of discounts on holidays is just one of the highlights and the reason for a smile on his face. Finding the best deals on the Anjuna beach in Goa and plan quiet days pilgrims in the glamorous beach. You can also go to Rajasthan and experience the majesty of live-locks and magnificence of the Thar Desert. The food and accommodation can be booked at very reasonable prices all over India. With your message in the area in search of the best options for cheap hotels in places on your route


The Bulgarian Black Sea is a must watch for any traveler with wanderlust. With food and drinks very cheap at home, you can discover the many pleasures without breaking the bank. You can find good accommodation in Sunny Beach and enjoy a relaxing stay in one of the many spas.


Budapest in Hungary is probably the most beautiful cities in the world. You can take a tour through the history of medieval castles or enjoy the nightlife of the city offers enormous. On average, it could cost € 30 to USD 50 per night to stay in Hungary.


Discover the Mediterranean at its best and the most affordable budget. The Turkish Riviera can compete every day of the French Riviera. Pamphilia visit the best attractions in the country. Eat disperse the wonderful food and the experience of a living culture, museums, theaters and Roman ruins across the country.


Visit Angkor Wat, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You can experience the culture Southeast Asian authentic and rich heritage. You can replace are as low as $ 5 per night Siem Reap, which is the nearest cities of Angkor and bedrooms.


Pristine beaches, great food and stay in one of the hotels of the Mediterranean overlooking the beautiful waters; Greece is a pleasure for all households. You can create an incredible standard accommodation for every budget number. You can plan a boat trip or just lying on the beach enjoying the sun healthy.


Cultural diversity and the incredible journey of France remain as destinations. However, if you decide to visit Provence, you can find much cheaper to travel on a budget Paris organized by a path. You can discover the cathedrals or experience on the head, in the south of France on the French Riviera in Cannes below.


Riga, Latvia may be a popular choice for a short stay. The beautiful architecture and amazing nightlife all you can be accumulated in a few days stress. The trip can be made for less than $ 150.

The author is an expert in travel niche with a lot of real life experiences and published travel behind them. She continues to explore her passion for travel and show you the selection of destinations to suit different budgets, to give amasing its own plan.

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