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Caribbean Travel Guide

With hundreds of islands to explore all year round good weather and great promotional offers airline tickets, it is not surprising that the Caribbean islands are one of the most popular destinations in the world wanted vacation. And if you plan your vacation in the Caribbean, you'll be able to make the most of your time and money during your stay here.
Here is a quick guide to a Caribbean vacation:

If visiting the Caribbean

Caribbean climate is classified as wet and dry. Ten dry season from mid-December to mid-April. This time of year the days are nice and low humidity, and the nights are pleasantly cool. The rainy season extends from mid-April to mid-December. In these months the weather is warmer and more humid with occasional showers.

Note that the period from June to November is the time of the hurricane season in the Atlantic, September being the peak months. If you want to go in these months, tries to jump in September. Some of the most popular islands under Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Bonaire and Cayman Islands hurricane zone.

The months of December to late April is considered high season, because it's the most expensive time of the year, mainly because the weather is nice. During these months, the prices of hotels and villas are to rise up to twenty to fifty percent, compared to the rest of the year. It's really high season brimming with full hotels and crowded beaches, especially around Christmas, New Year and during the carnival in February. September and October are the slowest months. Many restaurants and hotels are closed during this period, and the bars are almost empty.

Given all the above, you may find to be the best month to visit him. The weather in May is almost as beautiful as the peak of the season, even if the accommodation is relatively inexpensive. If you are planning a budget trip and plan your trip in May and flights during this period can be cheaper than the other months of the year. In late August, the rates are likely to be somewhat lower.

Popular islands

Here is a list of islands that make up the Caribbean islands visited list:

Anguilla Island
Anguilla Island
Antigua Island
Antigua Island
British Virgin Island
British Virgin Island
Cayman Island
Cayman Island
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic

Apart from the above, you will be:
  • Dominic, known for its dense forests and mountains. Here you will find many hiking trails can be found here, which will lead to lakes and coastal areas, where you can watch birds. You can also find eco-friendly B & B in Dominica.
  • Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth United States, is an interesting mix of Hispanic and American cultures. It is a good choice for beach holidays. The seats are good for heritage tourism, Old San Juan, the huge, the subtropical forest Camuy Caves El Yunque, Camuy caves and the great Ponce, this rich colonial culture and Art Nouveau architecture.
  • Bahamas give you a vacation experience. There are many beaches and places for diving, snorkeling and fishing. If you want to discover the city here, so you can Islandia New Providence, the capital, Nassau and Paradise is home to visit, and has many hotels, casinos and shopping centers
How to save money on calls

Call home from the Caribbean can cost a lot of money. Here are some options:

  • Skype: You can use Skype to record movies or video calls over the Internet. You can also make international calls from your computer to a phone number or cell phone at home to a significant reduction in international call rates.
  • Cats and e-mails: Wi-Fi is available in almost all hotels, clubs and public places in the provision of the Caribbean. Take full advantage of it to friends and family at home to get in touch. It costs you nothing more than a small amount (if your hotel charges for Wi-Fi, usually to be free).
I hope this information will help you a great vacation in the Caribbean. Have a Nice Trip!

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