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Budapest, many foreign tourists unforgettable

Hungary is a socialist country, run by the Socialist Workers Party in the Soviet influence it resumed in October 23, Independence 1989, is now a member of the European Union. Currently, Budapest, capital of Hungary, is a very modern city, but there are hundreds of buildings to capture the Austro-Hungarian empire building is magnificent and solemn.

Tourist Attractions

Has more than two million people, Budapest has a lot to show visitors, especially museums, churches, theaters, parks, the city and the famous mineral springs and baths. Gone are the remnants of the Soviet occupation; Today, every city of Budapest is Europe's best shopping, reflecting the night clubs, restaurants, hotels and a variety of cultural events. Some of the most important tourist attractions of the famous bridge over the Danube; Some of them include Begyeri Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Liberty Bridge and the Chain Bridge, which is one of the most photogenic bridge in Europe. In order to make your stay during your visit, appropriate accommodation. For example, the three-star Tulip Inn Budapest Millennium is a good choice, located in the city center.

Great kitchen Sockets

Hungary is famous chili powder and paprika, seasoning beef stew, but a series of gourmet style, is located in Budapest, including France, China, the Magyars, a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine, such as Eastern Europe, including the Muzeum station and Tiger ; restaurant with international cuisine and wines Klassz Italian cuisine - in Hemingway; healthy vegetarian meals in the garden of Eden, their menu includes vegetarian dishes, stews and braised dishes that contain fat, preservatives and sugar.

Monuments and museums

For tourists who are interested in food, they are agate, which Michelin-starred restaurant, nutrition in modern Hungarian cuisine bistro and a bra as Gerloczy was light meals and a variety of cheese. Places to see include the Jewish quarter of Budapest, Parliament, Castle Peak area, souvenir area, Holocaust Memorial Center, Buda Hills, Margarita Island, a variety of museums, palaces and so on.

commercial transactions

There are many pawn shops and second-hand shops selling porcelain, antiques, jewelry, textiles, etc., as the BAS, and arts and crafts on display Herend pottery village with a variety of home furnishings and decorative elements of the sale. Budapest, as a rule, the best time to visit is from May to September, the weather is perfect for travel, and with great vehicles, places to visit easily.

The Golden Tulip has an excellent three-star Tulip Inn Budapest Millennium, offers spacious rooms, all kinds of objects; monuments and churches are within a 5-minute metro ride from the city center.

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