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10 City "must-see" destination to visit Britain
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England for several years was very visited tourist destinations. This is not surprising because the UK has everything to offer to meet the spiritual experience of the journey. Below is a brief analysis of some of the places to visit, so that the whole trip special and memorable.

Cambridge - English city attractive hard to resist. It is located along the River Cam, which is located in North London. In addition to the management of the University of Cambridge, there are many studies of culture and entertainment. King's College Chapel is a good way to visually experience the gothic architecture.

Chester - 2000-year-old lying on the River Dee in Chester, Cheshire, England. Tourists prefer over the city throughout the UK, both black and white architecture of the Renaissance and medieval Roman wall.

Cornwall - a peninsula located in the most western corner of England. Rocky cliff overlooking the north of the calm sea. Southern tourists eager golden beach.

Lake - a picturesque landscape forms the mountains, lakes and hills within the second largest national park of the United Kingdom. It seems to be very well cut from the ugly glacial erosion. By some estimates, 14 million tourists annually crowded park. This is a great place to try hiking and mountaineering.

London - charming town exploded museums, art galleries, trendy green parks, shops and restaurants. Buckingham Palace offers an experience of protection, it does not miss the change. Look at Big Ben minute should be memorable. Tower Bridge on the Thames River on the double decker bus should be fine.

Snowdonia - National Park offers stunning 360 degree valley, mountain and coastal views. Located on the coast of Wales, Snowdonia, the highest mountain in Wales and at home in England.

Stonehenge - which has a large standing stones, surrounded by a circular stone structures, earthworks south-west England. In the quiet hills in the background, because of its history stretches received attention site nearly 5,000 years.

York - The walled city is located at the intersection of Fox River Ouse and the River. This ancient city, rich cultural heritage. York Minster is a work of art maestro distinctive landmark. Explore the city without traffic is not difficult.

Stratford-upon-Avon - District is a peaceful place, rumored to house the British Americans. It is located in north-west London. Shakespeare's Birthplace is undoubtedly the best English writers who have interesting places. This includes the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Bancroft Garden House Nash High Street.

Edinburgh - Edinburgh Castle, cobbled streets and ideal resembles the Scottish capital. Old Town streets of the Royal Mile to Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle is connected. The new city, which dates back to the 18th century is full of neoclassical architecture.

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