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Turn the average cost of a hotel room in 30-40 day. This includes cleaning products, electricity, mini bar attendants, and all other costs associated with the cleaning of wage costs, linen and maid hourly hotel staff to provide services for them. Operating expenses, comparing room Hotel room occupancy rate in general, visitors can see why the hotel business so profitable.

Below is the secret to 4 Travelers should be involved in some, if they want to stay in a hotel.

1) the possibility of joining traveled: normal hotel to stay within 10% of capacity. This is because the average rate of 10% does not appear customers. Sometimes, it seemed, all the guests, someone needs to get to the hotel door. This means that now the hotel will share all of their room at night, including tax increases in a telephone conversation with you for the inconvenience, and let their rooms at comparable or slightly lower class hotel. This usually happens when the guests who are not constant for one night only in a particular hotel or to book a hotel booking. One of the main reasons that guests get the staff, they went to the hotel, as twitch when.

2) complained smart: Short reception to complain Eorope area, but most of the problems are not caused by the front desk. You can be smart complained to the front desk and tell them your problem and ask them about the man, you have to tell the complaint. Also polite about it. Many problems can be solved with the help of the front desk attendant, but you should make sure that he did. Be sure to listen to your Cruise Critic front desk to complain, do something about it. Responding to a question, the name of the feelings and let him know that you now have the advantage of it, you can complain to the management, and if it does not help solve the problem.

3) to get an upgrade: Front passenger heard many people say that all the rooms are the same. But there are always a few rooms that have a large bed, a flat screen TV is bigger, better bathroom or simply a clearer picture of the hotel. Providing front desk has a nice view, you can make sure that the room after updating your night. Even if the hotel does not have the best room you can get a lot of value added amenities such as late checkout, free movies, free mini-bar or other appropriate reservations unpublished discounts. It's not a bribe; resolution proxy concierge Interspeciofic Association dominant upgraded to a special occasion, so do not hesitate to ask one when you get to the hotel.

4) Let the waiter help your suitcase: Wheeled luggage came out in 1970, and since then the waiter, "bane of existence because of the garbage baggage, guests no longer have to carry heavy luggage waiters them, they may be due to this waiter got less skills that bills unpaid leave their families in their own tour So the next time to book a hotel waiter review

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