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Mini Guide Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is the most popular destination in Africa, it is clear. It has 300 years of history is clear, the structure and culture of old and new buildings around the integration of the city. Recently, the so-called "reactive" was found in Cape Town stunning beaches and vibrant culture, so that it becomes more and more complex.

"City Cup" takes in modern high-rise office buildings and skyscrapers and classic Edwardian and Victorian architecture unique combination of Cape Dutch built slathering long as the eye can see. Remains of the old town around Greenmarket Square, depending on its charming cobbled lanes, walking the strip has always been a prolific pleasure. For your historical tour in six districts and Bo Kaap Museum is always perfect, and Fort Good Hope Castle is conveniently located in the city of neoclassical City Hall, one of the oldest monuments of early Dutch and former British occupation was still standing. International quality contribution to the city, there is a whole range of other well-known attractions include optical transport presidential palace or Tuin Muslim, Islamic characteristics of the Houses of Parliament and Bo King Abdul Aziz Port in the suburbs.

Shops, restaurants and parties galore, who are attracted to the restored Victoria and Albert Waterfront. In addition to its fantastic aquarium, sailing charters, and a wealth of historical significance, it is also the starting point of access to Robben Island, once a notorious Nelson Mandela when he was imprisoned. Planned 10 minutes every day shuttle launch site often.

Lovely drive can take you to the area, the shadow of Table Mountain and Camps Bay. In the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Peak Drive and corners reserves Chapman also drive range. Of course, you can not skip around Franschoek Valley vineyards and Stellenbosch.

Tour Cape Town by car

Cape Town suburb of driving depth driven sky is certainly worth the trip by car. You will enjoy the magnificent mountains, beautiful bays and secluded beaches, quaint historic towns and vineyards desire layers.

Seen from the top of the majestic Table Mountain all its glory, "the fairest Cape of them all." This is the cable car, or many marked hiking trails for a great lover of outdoor amenities. There is also a nice rise near the conical head of Leo, and in the foothills of losing their beautiful and diverse fauna in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Class car trip of a pair of "for" Hill Camps Bay and Clifton Beach, reminiscent of the beginning of your waterfront. Chapman exhilarating drive through rush, and found himself in the sleepy town of Glasgow and Hout Bay. Went from "the end of Africa" ​​in the Cape Point Nature Reserve, in two large ocean currents are known to satisfy. On the way back, got a glimpse of the infinite Muizenberg beach and majestic Simonstown naval base.

To stop fast food and drinks vineyards around Cape Town. Cape Town is not less than one hour from the wine route of spectacular beauty, it's definitely worth a visit, although you can block the wine, if you are traveling, or to find at least one driver who can stay awake. Revel in the Cape Dutch architecture of the best examples, such as Groot Constantia after the vineyards and estate, which still stood three centuries.

Consider a day trip to the beautiful Franschoek valley, curious former Huguenot settlement. If you're lucky, in Cape Town in October, will visit the former fishing town of Hermanus, you can relax and watch the whales.

Getting To and From Cape Town

A trip to Cape Town in a very busy in South Africa and Johannesburg International Airport to catch a connecting flight two hours to the city. More and more airlines, however, direct flights to Cape Town International Airport. Although it is still a world-class long way, there are many cities the flight bound for South Africa in some areas. There are buses and taxis from the airport to the layers of the city. It is about 20 minutes away, and some go directly to each hotel in the city.

Still popular overnight train from Johannesburg to Cape Town is a trip that you are unlikely to forget. This sleeping car is safe, more comfortable, although it is a long journey through the legendary Karoo desert makes it worth it. Will welcome you in the wine country look when you get into town.

South Africa has a relatively reliable bus network, and there are frequent bus services to and from Johannesburg - Cape Town route, every day and night. It's 14 hours of travel, sometimes a little uncomfortable, but it's pretty cheap.

If you are traveling by car, N1 is just north of Johannesburg. Travel at least 12 hours, very busy, from December to April, greatly improving the speed of accidents per month. For a quiet route, the route through the town of Kimberley is worth a visit, the famous diamond heritage worth seeing. If you put the N2 route, you'll find yourself on the south coast, continuing east to the Garden Route, Port Elizabeth followed and eventually Durban. In N2 route takes about 16 hours to a minimum. You can also go to the north, along the Namibia, is not very popular route West Coast trip.

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